Aust Post has announced from 2 March 2015 there will be changes to the price of some of their products and services including business bulk mail rates. Unfortunately Aust Post price changes seem to be coming more and more frequent.

The price of bulk mail prices will increase by about 5-7% and for businesses dealing with bulk mailing this won’t come as welcome news. Both Priority and Regular services will be effected. You can see what services are being affected here.

Some businesses may choose to focus more of their marketing activities via online methods to save on the cost, but there is no denying Direct Mail is still a very valuable strategy to include in your business development and marketing plans.

Whilst the price increases are a set-back, and unfortunately out of our control, there is still room to make sure you get the best ROI on your marketing campaigns. Doing your research and using some innovative ways to keep costs down should still reward you with a profitable outcome.

The trick for businesses, big and small, is to be more strategic and precise with the dollars allocated in their budget. One way of achieving this is to work closely with a reputable mail house or marketing agency. Experts like us will have their finger on the pulse and should be pro-active in helping your business to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to implement your plan. (If they aren’t pro-active in helping you getting a better ROI it is time to use someone else). Sometimes even one suggested change can save you thousands. We recently saved one client over $3000.00 on postage by recommending a different service that they were unaware of.

We may be able to help you tailor your offer better, suggest a different headline, or have an idea for an attention grabber. All of these things can greatly increase your response rate and increase sales and conversions. So a small increase in postage can be well and truly paid for by using smarter ways of doing your direct mail campaigns.

If you would like to have a chat to see if we can help you get a better ROI on your direct mail campaigns or you would like to get a postage audit give us a call on 02 4306 0583 or click here to go to our contact page and send through your details.



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