This will give you a general understanding of how your mail out campaigns are completed and lodged with Australia Post
Fuel Group - The Mail Out Process


With every mail out there are a number of components to a successful campaign. Our aim is to make your use of our mail house services as seamless as possible. We have laid the general procedure of the mail out process below to assist you.

  • Client requests quote for mail out
  • Itemised quote sent to client
  • Client emails signed quote to Fuel Group
  • We enter the job and raise job number and forward the job number to the client
  • Go over job brief with client
    • In hand date if one is specified
    • Stock arrival dates
    • Organise schedule of job components
    • Go over the order of inserts/onserts
    • Go over any special requirements
    • Client to advise on what we are to do with any overs (excess stock)
    • Lodgement details. If we are lodging on your Australia Post Account, we will send you a client extension form that will allow us to lodge your mail out on your behalf. It generally takes Australia Post 2-3 days to process the lodgement extension. This only has to be done the first time that we lodge on your account.
  • Organise payment of deposit
  • Receive database
    • Clean database of duplications if required
    • Run the data through our software and append DPID for postal discounts
  • Receive letter template (if variable data letter being incorporated)
  • Receive artwork (envelopes, brochures, flyers, letterheads, booklets, etc)
    • Client to sign off on artwork proofs
  • Print material (envelopes, brochures, flyers, letterheads, booklets, etc)
  • Variable data printing (envelope addressing, variable data on letter or flysheets)
  • Collate materials, inserting/plastic wrapping of items and sort, ready for lodgement
  • Lodge with Australia Post
  • Email sent to client to inform them their mail out has been lodged.

We hope that this layout of the mail out process is of help to you. When you use our mail house services our mission at Fuel Group is to ensure that the job runs as efficiently as possible and that at the end of the job you are delighted with our service.

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