Fuel Group's marketing audit

At Fuel Group we can perform an in-depth marketing audit and analyse your current ROI. This will help you determine what your current cost per new client is. Once we have a figure we can start improving on it.

The Marketing Audit Process

During the marketing audit process we analyse and measure your current marketing strategy so we can identify what your current return on investment is. This will provide insights as to what is working, what can be optimised and what can be reallocated into other areas and get you a better return.

Some of the areas that we delve into include researching the lifetime value of your customers, evaluate attrition and retention rates of your business, assess what you pay per lead, and what your cost per acquisition is.

Some other areas worth investigating include who your current target market is and analyse if you may be better off refining your target market.

We look into what your current offers are, what your unique selling point is and what you are currently doing to bring your valued customers back to your business.

Once you have this in front of you it makes it much easier for you to decide what can be done to help your business grow and increase your profits.

Once you optimise your marketing strategies you may find that your business has the chance to greatly improve its profitability and give you the return that you deserve.

What we need you to do

It all starts with the truth. We need you to be forth coming with the information that is required so we can get an honest valuation of your business’s current circumstances. We understand that the information is highly confidential and we would never betray your trust and pass it onto anyone. It is and always will be confidential. Your information is safe with us.

As a business owner you have no doubt invested a huge amount of time, effort, energy and capital to get your business to the point it is now. You owe it to yourself to start getting the best return you can.

What you need to do now to book in your marketing audit

Let us help you achieve your business goals. Give us a call now on 02 4306 0583 and book in a marketing audit. 


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